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Having grown up in Kent, England, I now live in Inverurie, near Aberdeen in Scotland.
I am married with two sons and a daughter. The family is Scottish, except for me being the Sassenach.

Trained in engineering and worked for BBC in London in late 1960`s and early 1970`s,
where I spent time at TV Centre, in the Equipment Department in Chiswick, and at Broadcasting House for BBC Radio.

Then moved abroad to work in the oil industry as a geologist and later as a petroleum engineer.

Returned in 1975 in the early days of Independent Local Radio to join a fledgling Radio Victory in Portsmouth.

Later moved to Aberdeen as Chief Engineer at NorthSound Radio.

My world then opened up in 1984 when I left the security of employment to become freelance as Sound Recordist, and Dubbing mixer

I also undertake the occasional electronic design / installation job.

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