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Standard stereo PSC location kit:
Zaxcom Nomad 10 Digital mixer/recorder
Sennheiser MKH 416  or  MKH 816  or MKH 70 or  MKH 60/30 MS stereo pair  or  SCHOEPS  MK41/CMC5
5 x RMS 2040  diversity radio mics
2 x RMS 2000  diversity radio mics
Handheld RMS 2000 diversity radio mic
Various Sennheiser G2/G3 radio mics
Personal Mics  -  DPA 4017 ,  Sanken cos11,  Tram TR50,  Sonotrim,  Voice Technologies
Walkie Talkies
Director`s monitoring

Zaxcom Digital Stereo Radio Link to Camera
For PSC my usual way of working is without a cable to the camera

Portable File-based recording kit
Fostex FR-2 Field Memory recorder with Timecode
Zoom H2 SD card recorder

Flyaway Multirtrack Recording Kit 
( or installed in a vehicle for OB work)
2 x Tascam MX2424 (timecode) 24 track 24bit digital recorders
Yamaha DM1000 v2 48 channel digital mixer
Genelec  1030A monitors
Selection of microphones and stands
Multiway cables
Production Talkback

Playback facilities with portable PA

Other Equipment, not on this list, can be provided on request
Home | Profile | Recent Projects | Equipment | Links